This International Board was established with one goal in mind: to bring education to a higher level than ever before, to set and maintain a high level of standards internationally, and to be the number one organization for competent and professional training from around the world. We have 11 directors who are continually setting the highest standards so our commitment to you is to continue to set the highest standards both in quality education and quality service. Our Directors consist of professional Hypnotherapists, a Police Chief, Doctors (PhD's and MD's) and educators (Ed.D , M.Ed)  from the U.S. and abroad.

We are the only board that totally supports its members (7 days a week) with complete information and ideas for improvement. The board offers Professional Board Certification and Teaching Credentials. Our materials are the best available and at the most affordable prices offered anywhere. We are the only organization in this field that maintains these high standards. Our board will only accept individuals who prove to be qualified for membership in this field with no criminal record.

We are the originators, setting the standards, such as the Master Hypnosis course, the Internship program, the Board Certifications, the unlimited toll free lifetime support 365 days a year, and the first to offer continuing education online and an 800 worldwide number. Also, we offer a payment plan with no interest or carrying charges. We were the first to have more than 100 centers in 20 different countries.

We believe high ethical standards are of the utmost importance. We do not accept applications from felons or from people who have served time or from any sex offenders. Yes we do care and believe others should care as well. The other organizations may not care, but we do.

We have a Code of Ethics, which is enforced. If a charge is made against a member, it will be investigated by our ethics board who then who has the finial say. If the charge is substantiated, the member will be suspended along with their certifications. Consequently, we will always maintain the highest level of professional standards.  We will continue to set the standards for other organizations to follow. This is a responsibility we take very seriously. We are very proud of our organization and its reputation.

We have been a member in good standing with the Better Business Councils of Central Florida for 14 years. (Better Business Inc.) We are also a member of the American Association for Higher Education and Accreditaion located in Washington DC.,  members of  The World Wide Web Chamber Of Commerce, Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, Inc., The International Distance Educator's Association, The Florida Distance Learning Association and The United States Distance Learning Association. The United Nations Association. The International Society for Investigative and Forensic Hypnosis.

We are affiliated with The British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists, The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, The Austrian Hypnotherapy Association and The Spanish Hypnotherapy Association, The UK’s Psychological Society, Pebble Hills University and the American Board of Hypnotherapy so you will receive eight memberships instead of one.

When you have successfully completed any one of our courses, you will automatically receive a six month membership in our board. (You will also automatically qualify for membership to the American Board of Hypnotherapy). We then require 8 hours of continuing education units per year in order for you to maintain your status.(It can now be taken live on line.) Nevertheless, when you are a member of our organization, it means added prestige, respect, and credibility to your practice.

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